PHP Development

PHP & MySQL with MVC framework, will introduce attendees to PHP, MySQL and CakePHP MVC framework. The course will cover aspects of how to use PHP, MySQL along with CakePHP MVC framework to create powerful and easy to maintain database driven websites. The course will also cover Installation & Configuration of PHP, MySQL and CakePHP. Attendees will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course.

PHP Basics and Conditional Logic
  • PHP introduction
  • Environment setup in different platforms
  • Script syntax
  • How to declare variable and data types
  • Constants
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Web concepts
  • Decision making statements
  • loop types
  • Operators
  • Decision making statements
Functions and Error Handling
  • What is Functions
  • Creating PHP functions
  • PHP functions with parameters
  • Argument by reference
  • setting default values for function parameter
  • dynamic function calls
  • PHP mails
  • how to send text mail
  • how to send html emails
  • how to send attachments with emails
  • regular expressions
  • POSIX regular expressions
  • predefined character ranges
  • Regexp POSIX functions
  • PERL style regular expressions
  • Regexp PERL compatible functions
  • Date and time functions